Dianabol 25mg


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Dianabol 25mg

Its powerful anabolic and low androgenic effects make Dianabol one of the favorite steroids for experienced bodybuilders and athletes. With the help of it, significant results are achieved by gaining mass and increasing strength.

There are two forms of the drug: oral and injectable. However, the latter is practically not used due to its high cost and low efficiency.

Interesting fact: Dianabol has been used since the last century. They were awarded both to beginners attending the gym, and to professional bodybuilders, Olympic athletes.

Properties and effects

After purchasing and starting to withdraw funds from Balkan, the athlete will be able to:

  • quickly gain muscle mass by accelerating protein synthesis. In a Dianabol cycle, you can gain up to 15% of your total body weight,
  • increase power output,
  • stimulate the acceleration of recovery processes in the body,
  • improve the absorption of trace elements and useful proteins,
  • strengthen the bone and joint systems,
  • protect yourself from catabolism,
  • positively affect hematopoiesis and increase the level of erythropoietin,
  • increase appetite,
  • and also burn some subcutaneous fat.
  • From the chemical characteristics of Dianabol, one can distinguish 200% anabolic and 50% androgenic activity compared to testosterone, moderate liver toxicity.

    Advice: In our store you can buy steroids for the combined course with Dianabol, which means for prophylaxis and post-cycle therapy. The latter can be purchased at the pharmacy, but the cost will be much higher.

    Side Effects and Disadvantages

    Taking Dianabol can lead to gynecomastia, acne, hair loss, high blood pressure, kidney and liver disease, fluid retention, and even testicular atrophy.However, all this manifests itself only in case of an overdose and an incorrectly constructed course. To avoid all this, you must follow the recommendations, do intense exercise, eat well and use sports nutrition to minimize the receding phenomenon.

    Among the disadvantages of Dianabol, only the high price can be identified. However, it is fully justified if we take into account the safety, efficacy and efficacy of the drug.

    Tip: Before buying a product, you should fully check your health and consult a doctor.

    How to use

    The rules for taking Dianabol are as follows:

    • when taken alone, do not take more than 5-50 mg per day. The specific value depends on individual indicators: general health, fitness and experience with pharmacology. The duration of the course should not exceed 7-8 weeks,
    • with combined courses, it is good to combine Dianabol with Stanozolol, Nandrolone or Sustanon to increase dry mass. Additional AAS should be included in the welcome at the end of the course, which will consolidate the mass and the results obtained,
    • General advice: divide the daily dose several times in order not to load the hormonal system, women should not take more than 5 mg per day,

    At the end of the Dianabol course, you will need to undergo post-cycle therapy. To do this, you need to purchase a suitable remedy – tamoxifen or clomid. This will allow you to match your testosterone production.


    The combination of affordable price, high efficiency and safety makes the product a favorite of AAS for beginners and professionals alike. Dianabol is used by athletes and weightlifters, bodybuilders and athletes who practice martial arts, swimming. And the rapid elimination from the body in five days also allows athletes to purchase the product for use just prior to competition.

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