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Description of the drug

Getting your dose of muscle-building testosterone is easy with Nebido. You can buy it at the pharmacy and order it at the online store. The drug is sold in vials of 4 mg, it must be injected intramuscularly. One bottle in one package. Its structure is identical to testosterone, with the exception of the process of excretion from muscle tissue into the blood. Made in Germany.

Application Effect

Testosterone nebido has a complete effect on the body. Not only will it be beneficial for those who hit hard, but it will also allow you to feel masculine strength and strength, store energy, adopt an optimistic attitude, and gain more confidence in your abilities. The content of these vials can move the body and eliminate drowsiness. One dose of Nebido is equivalent to 1,000 mg of testosterone undecanoate.

Features of the Nebido application from Spain:

  • Inject one vial every trimester (3 months),
  • Use under medical supervision,
  • Forbidden for use by women.

    Nebido Testosterone Undecanoate is a long-acting drug. By itself it does not affect the growth of muscle mass, but it allows you to create a favorable training environment. If there is fatigue, apathy, a seemingly unjustified decrease in interest in sports, a depressed mood appears, everyday things begin to irritate or give up – perhaps it is all a matter of hormones.

    The hormonal drug testosterone Nebido will allow you to solve these situations and give you strength! You will feel safe and comfortable. In addition, the drug will reduce the amount of fatty tissue and stop bone destruction. Activates the vitality of the body. Injections can help you forget about joint disease (or reduce pain) and will also help preserve connective tissues and protect them from heavy loads during training and competition.


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