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Description of the drug

Deca-Durabolin is a classic drug that has been actively used by athletes for years. The most effective application is for security officers. It is the representatives of these sports who must buy Deco-Durabolin. In addition to its high efficiency, the steroid has a very attractive cost. Compared to the male hormone, Nandrolone has a change in molecular structure. This made it less sensitive to the aromatase enzyme, but it was also endowed with progestin properties.

These are the main effects that manufacturers will get when they decide to buy an anabolic:

  • Even with an individual course of 2 months you can gain around 8 pounds.
  • Strength and performance increase rapidly.
  • The aerobic endurance indicator is increasing.
  • The immune system begins to work with maximum efficiency.
  • The reversal effect after drug withdrawal is minimal.

Among other things, the price of anabolic steroids is very attractive.

Instructions for use of the drug

During the week, it is enough to apply an injection to ensure that there are no hormonal spikes. The recommended dose for this period is 200-400 milligrams. Cycle lengths range from 2 to 2.5 months. Cabergoline should be used to suppress progestin activity.


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