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Testolic is a product with the active ingredient Testosterone Propionate. Of all the testosterones (cypionate and enanthate), propionate has the longest lasting effect on the body, which is definitely a plus. At the same time, propionate, lower than testosterone, retains less water, which is also an added benefit. On our website shopdoping.com you will find a wide variety of different types of testosterone. On this page is testolic, the commercial name of the drug based on testosterone propionate.

Characteristics of the testolik

This steroid stimulates the increase in muscle mass and resistance, strengthens the osteo-ligament system. Testosterone Propionate is a male sex hormone and is responsible for physical and psychological masculine qualities. Promotes the presence of a harsher voice, creates sexual desire, the presence of more developed muscles. Testolico helps retain more nitrogen in the body, which in turn helps muscles to better synthesize protein, increasing muscle volume.

Side effects.

The downside of this steroid is that it can aromatize in the body and convert to estrogen. When too much estrogen builds up in the body, female symptoms begin to appear: obesity, loss of sexual desire, decreased testicular function, and other side effects.

To avoid the negative effects of testosterone, you must stick to the correct dosages. The most common dose of this drug is 50 to 100 mg per day, with a weekly intake of 300 to 700 mg. For women who wish to use Testolik, a dosage of less than 25-50 mg per injection is recommended. Testosterone Propionate is best suited for the preliminary training phase. During this time, the drug is often combined with other powerful steroids such as danabol or deca durabolin.These ligament combinations work very well, which has been proven many times over in the experience of many athletes.


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