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There are many strong products on the steroid market. Some are more suitable for beginners because they are not as effective. But in pharmacology there is a layer of drugs that occupies a middle position in terms of efficiency and price. One of these drugs is called Primobolan Depot, the course of which you can buy in our store.

There are two forms that everyone is already used to, oral and injectable. Oral is simply called Primobolan and oral is spelled with the prefix Depot. In our store you can buy both Primobolan Depot modules, the price for them is ridiculous.

Therefore, it will not be difficult to choose the most suitable Primobolan for the course. It is worth noting that most athletes buy the injection -formulary- more often. It is much cheaper and better supplied to the body. You can buy Primobolan in our store, prices always go down.

The effect

Most often, this drug is used during the drying process in order not to lose muscle mass. Due to its mildness and not strong effect, Primobolan is not intended for serious bulking purposes. Therefore, if you decide to dry yourself, you should also take a course of Primobolan, it will help you keep the accumulated mass as much as possible.

We also have a wide range of products that you can combine with Primobolan. You can buy all of this at a low price by simply adding it to your cart. It used to be much easier to get Primobolan from the pharmacy, but now you have to buy from multiple vendors, so we are happy to bring you this wonderful product.

correct course

Usually the duration of a Primobolan solo course is about 8 weeks, if you increase it, the likelihood of side effects increases. Dosages are in the region of 50-100mg per day and PCT starts a couple of days after the course ends.A course with a single intake per week is gaining popularity, in which case the dosage will be 400 mg. As in the case of PCT and Primobolan, you can buy all of this by adding it to your cart and making a purchase.

Many athletes believe that Primobolan Depot is best combined with other anabolic steroids. It can be Nandrolone, Sustanon, Anadrol and other testosterones. Remember to follow the instructions to avoid side effects. A good advantage for you is that we always lower the price of Primobolan so that you can buy it on the most favorable terms.

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